Weber County 108-11 Requirements

Update 03/31/2023.  

1.  Rental License Number:  11027429-0160 and 3380.  Licenses are renewed annually.

2.  Max Occupancy:  6.  

3.  Max Parking capacity:  2 vehicles.  Public parking is available for free throughout Moose Hollow surrounding the property.  Trailers are prohibited unless approved by HOA.  Trailers and oversize vehicles must fit into parking spaces or available street parking on Moose Hollow Drive.  Right-of-ways and private properties must not be blocked or interfere with traffic.  Parking violations and towing is implemented, initiated, and enforced by Moose Hollow Homeowners Association and/or state and local agencies (and not by owners or ATCollins, LLC).  Parking violations must be resolved by the guest and the parking ticket issuer.

4.  Digital Link to 108-11:  Weber County : County Code (  or  https://weber.municipalcodeonl....

5.  Required Statement:  "Any advertisement for a short-term rental property in unincorporated Weber County, Utah, that does not provide a unique license number is unlikely to be a lawfully licensed short-term rental."

6.  External sleeping accommodations are prohibited and are not offered for this rental.

7.  Duration:  Minimum rental is two consecutive nights, but may be increased for seasonal holidays.  Maximum rental is 14 consecutive nights.

8.  Quiet hours:  10 pm to 8 am.

9.  Nature of Use:  This rental is for vacation and recreation for 6 persons including children.  Parties and events are prohibited.  Business use and business events are prohibited.  

10.  Trash Disposal.  Trash must be placed in one of the three dumpsters located on North Huntsman Path.  Trash is not allowed to be stored or placed outside of the rental unit.